The Amazing Activated Charcoal

One of the most amazing products that have been introduced to numerous households across the country is activated charcoal. In fact, there are a lot of households that use this without even understanding how it works. For most of them, the testimony of their neighbors is more than enough to convince them to use it as well. There are also those who have simply decided to satisfy their curiosity on activated charcoal and ultimately found that it does work. Interestingly, almost every claim of its use around the house has been proven to be true. Of course, this doesn’t include far-fetched and obviously sarcastic ideas.

Activated charcoal works because of its amazing absorption qualities. This quality is made possible because of the countless pores that are lined on the surface of each smallest speck. These pores are also deep and if laid flat theoretically, it can cover a large area that would make anyone’s jaw drop. The negative electric charge of activated charcoal also helps greatly in its ability to absorb bacteria and other impurities.


One of the most popular uses of activated bamboo charcoal is as bathroom deodorant. There really isn’t any argument that the bathroom is the part of the house that can accumulate unpleasant odors quickly. Placing activated charcoal inside the room can drastically reduce the smell and even eliminate it entirely. This depends on the volume of the activated charcoal placed in it as well as the size of the bathroom. This is a good thing to have especially when the homeowners keep having guests and visitors. It removes the awkward situation wherein the guest or the hosts have to stay in the room for a few minutes after using it just to let the odor dissipate. Spraying of air freshener might be a good remedy, but will still make it awkward since it essentially tells the next person using the bathroom that the previous person is covering up the smell.

Some of the more modern home designers have incorporated the use of activated charcoal with their bathroom designs. There are bathrooms with built-in receptacles specifically made for activated charcoal. Interior designers are also fond of bathrooms that are meditative, integrating the use of pebbles, wood and other natural elements including activated charcoal. Naturally, the demands of interior designers can vary depending on what they have in mind as an overall design. Most of the time however, interior designers prefer using activated bamboo charcoal that are still identifiable as whole bamboo pieces.

Purchasing activated charcoal can be a hassle, if done at the local store. The numerous forms of activated charcoal meant for different uses, including bags that are meant to be placed inside shoes, means that there are going to be several large bags to carry. Most of the avid users of activated charcoal recommend buying from the internet. Check out reliable online sites, view the website for reviews and consider what their previous buyers are saying of its quality. If it’s mostly positive, then it’s very likely that buyers should go here to make sure they are buying high quality activated charcoal.

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